Flawed Reasoning…

Survival of the fittest! Dog eat dog as I scratch and crawl my way through the fog! The fog of war! The war within on the battleground of Sin! Judgments and accusations are everywhere just like Uber…Especially in this new life-oh yeah, I forgot, we do recover!!!

                                           !An underlying intolerance of Ambiguity!

A false dichotomy known as recovery! Please god won’t you save me???!!!

“I write to understand as much as to be understood”! Elie Wiesel

Life! She’s a slippery little bitch from witch there is no escape, except death! Why do I take it so seriously? It’s not like I am going to get out alive, right? It’s simple, Life, I complicate it with emotion and that my friends, I refuse to change! I wish there were more emotions in this world, in society as a whole! No respect for the craft anymore! The craft of Life, of Living! Time is only an illusion created by man! One of which I’ve grown tired of! Delusional illusions of unimportant things!

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope! I am Jay! All day every day! Let me in or please just let me down!? Stay up. Stay human too though!


    • I briefly looked into your blog and wow! I had family over tonight from out of town, but I will delv into it more this weekend! Thank you for the kind words and support! Stay up, stay human…

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