One Leg at a Time…

When I awoke, it wasn’t out of fright. Although, I did feel as if something wasn’t right. I could feel a hole, an emptiness, a hollow! I lost something, but not in the sense that one might think. It wasn’t misplaced or forgotten about, no no. No need for screaming, no need to shout! I just might be better off without…

                                    !A revelation so strong, my forehead gets the chills!

As I img_20180407_054138909835993.jpgsit here pondering, my mind is not racing, just wandering and wondering. It is dark, for the most part. Predawn hours, no natural light, but it still feels cultivated, organic. It’s still soothing to me, no need for panic. Sit, be still, and BREATH Blackwell! Allow—>them to come, the thoughts and feelings and emotions, sporadic! and then let them go as the ink flows from my veins, as I bleed out onto this paper. All my pleasures, ALL MY PAIN! Beautiful, but not in vain…

Futile attempts, completeness of failure does not connote the end! It just means I have to find another way to make certain things bend—>SWAY!

The unwisdom of the undertaking of the BEAST can only be found where most won’t go, where most aren’t allowed! It’s only to be found out there beyond the limits of reason. Keep going–>keep pushing–>keep LOOKING!

It’s out there just past fear, so wipe away those tears! There’s no need to cry, I’m too mean to die! Temporal logic reifying the Time!

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope. I am Jay, all day! Stay up, stay human!

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