Extraneous Love!

Hey, hi, and hello out there! Woke up to rain! The world ends with guys like me when it rains when life is sustained from movement outside! Enter imagination! No more chasing Lies…

I have written before, in the past, about something that has died inside of me. Something that was built and not bought. More like the death of a thought, a preconceived notion. This “death” just didn’t stand the tests of time and I beat myself up wondering and asking myself why…. There is never enough time for more, but always plenty of time to overthink…

Psychological problems can bring one great suffering, but they are my source of energy and inspiration!

I have been looking at this all wrong, I think! Maybe, it’s not a funeral I should be planning because my dreams did not die! They did not meet their demise! Surprise, surprise!

No—it was more of an expiration date that arrived and then passed–>my dreams did not die! They are not DEAD! They’re just asleep from the gas gas gas! Missed windows of opportunities that are now broken out and boarded up! I feel sick to my stomach-all twisted up in my guts!

                                               —>!!!EXTRANEOUS LOVE!!!<—

This is the ultimate fallacy that even with both eyes wide open I was unable to see!

The blueprints were all wrong! Certain things didn’t work while others just wouldn’t fit! Back to the drawing board because I just don’t ever quit!

I need to find a new architect! AT least one with fresh and revolutionary drawing techniques. One that draws with more style. more Grace! One that isn’t afraid to admit when they’ve made a mistake! One with lines that aren’t so definitive-more imaginative! and not so structured and borrowed!!!!!!!!!

But, until that day comes, those dreams that have “expired” inside of me have been put up on a shelf and not discarded because I am broken hearted. They just need some time to collect a little dust-they need to marinade because certain things are better with age!

Time to head to my favorite place, the outer edges of my mind and of my imagination, until next time….

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope! We do recover! Look around! Let me in or let me down! I am Jay! Stay up. Stay human…


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