Incidentally Transcendental…

Thrust of Independence. No more room for Penance…Enter Manifestation of the Imagination into the equation! Aggravated by all the aggravation! Hesitation brings with it more Devastation! The time is now to recreate the creation

Snow drifts on Mars when all the doors are locked and all the windows are busted out and now covered with bars! All these tattoos Can’t hide my scars! Each one tells a story of the life I lived before me, I am no longer me… I no longer see things the way I used to see, but instead see them as they were meant to be—> Reincarnated–>knowledge is power, but imagination is key! Most of my fear has been dried up by the salt of the sea! It is now time for me to be all they said I could never be in this new life with this Bastardized Recovery! don’t judge me…

                                                    !REACH—>STRETCH—>GO BEYOND!

Compositions of my visions…a fire in my eye…the theory of Extramission! Going to see the Oracle of Delphi to ask her why before it’s too late to hear my Phrohesied Fate! Life is Great….


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