Happenstance of Fate…

Good morning out there! Solid physical reality is a dream and even more so, an emotional fallacy otherwise known as Love…

No longer submerged in Life—I have retired from skating on the surface of it as well, myself–I am now the Universe who has been awakened only to become aware of itself!

These words I write, they might be read. If they are, in due time, those that did, will forget what it is I have said. But, for the few who choose to feel, will do so when they see what appears in the Universe that has been awakened inside of me shows what it has to reveal…

Offering Love, even after I have been destroyed, devoured, and consumed–USED! SPiritual Practicality…What’s that? Dogmatic formalities? Not even close! More like Psychological Abnormalities! The life I live is the Life I chose! The perfect Blossom, Balance….

Someone once told me, “living life to the fullest does not mean to the busiest”. I never gave it much thought until recently.. SLowing some shit down for a while. Not giving up, not quitting, no surrender! Time to regroup, recenter my Chi and take a little time for me to be me and or rediscover who is me? Who is Jay?

They say, I know, “They” say a lot, that addicts in and or out of recovery have the tendency to run to what is comfortable. I am not sure if normal people do this too as I am unsure that I know anybody that is “Normal”. But, I know I sure do. I mean and why wouldn’t I? Is this not human nature? I guess as long as what is comfortable doesn’t involve any of the four D’s that define sociological abnormality. So, as long as I do what society says is normal, I can be ok with running to what is comfortable? NAH! Bring on some strangeness! Making some new shit comfortable this summer! Stay tuned!

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope. We do recover! Look around! Let me in or let me down! I am Jay! Stay up. Stay Human to though. I love you and you matter to me!img_20180417_055536921229636.jpg

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