My Forever Full of Futures…

Hey, hi, and hello out there! Good morning! So, I never really considered myself my of a Stoic in the sense that I never really agreed with a pre-written fate. Naw, I’m more of the rewrite my own future every morning kind of guy. 

I write about dying each night as I lay down to go to sleep often times. I’m dead before my head hits the pillow. This is metaphorically speaking of course but not that far offshore of truth. I go hard for on average of eighteen hours a day with life between work and school and Life and my Homie, Duke, so when I do finally tap out and go to bed, I hurt! I am drained, physically, emotionally, spent, gave out, DONE!

I also write about waking up each day as a pile of ash in which Life must be blown into in order for me to take shape! This is a process. It is different all the time as it is something different that I ALLOW to blow Life into me. These things can be positive and or negative. It is a choice I make to take in that breathe of life that blows my way and then takes the shape of. It will be the catalyst that Life needs to guide my day, my future. So, you see, it really is a choice. Do I want to be negative today? Have I surrounded myself with negativity so much so that it is what first gets the opportunity to blow life into me, a pile of ash and vulnerable?

Or, is it going to be something positive? Am I going to be happy today? Is it my Homie licking my face and a smile from a stranger as I walk him first thing in the morning? Am I going to enjoy hearing the birds chirp or be bitter at the mere sound of it because I don’t feel rested and just want more sleep? Or is it a happy good morning message I wake up to from old friends and all the new ones I have been making lately? PERCEPTIONS!!!!!

My future depends on my choice. I have only one forever, but inside of my one forever is an infinite possibility of futures and they are all different and they will only reveal themselves one at a time as each choice I choose to make sends for them. The Perfect Blossom is now in Bloom!

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope. We do recover! Look around! Let me in or let me down! I am Jay, all day! Stay up. Stay Human to though! I love you and you matter to me!WIN_20180418_06_03_33_Pro (2)

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