Good morning out there! I’m sittin here smiling from ear to motherfuckin ear! The tears have dried up and washed away with them the fear! No longer running from my future. I have stitched up my past with 101 sutures! Be Brave! Be Bold! I’ve taken a hold! I’ve got a grip! “White-Knucklin”

Here comes Debo, Ima just tuck my shit in!

So much to say and even more that gets lost in the translation—I am Jay! See if Y’all can keep up-so sit-down, hold on and shut up!

Trash bags of life! Yeah, I’m filling them mother fuckas! Painting my masterpiece! My Life is a mural and every day is a fresh canvass!

Fallacy of Equivocations, Plural! Acts of Sublimation-No more devastation! The time is now, no more hesitation! I ain’t critically acclaimed-yet, I am clinically insane though–BET!

I ain’t nobodies best friend and I’ve never been a trophy son, but, I no longer wanna run from it when it rises you know, the Sun!? Flyin black flags at night and I’m once again rolling them dice! No longer a battle or even the “war from within”, Naw—the time is now-time to live! So much more I wanna do, so much more I have to give!

Don’t get it confused-don’t get it twisted! I am no longer ashamed of where it is I come from, Dum Di Dum Dum… Y’all didn’t even notice, but as I was penning this post, I’ve already started, it’s already begun. #jaystrong-Fucking spun! Spinning-#winning!

A head full of thoughts that are dark with an imagination and a heart full of art yet to be discovered! Breathing the wrong air had me huffing from a bag-coughing and spittin–so I opened a window-swinging for the fences-home runs I’m hittin!

Hey, hi, and hello out there! I had the shittiest day ever yesterday followed by one of the best weeks I have had all year! I am starting over on My most favorite day of the week, Monday bitches! Gonna be a good week! Going to see a friend in treatment that I helped place there on Tuesday. Then on Thursday, My first ever Cubs game with some new friends. Supposed to be good weather so maybe I can squeeze in some skating! All the while, I wake up to my Homie and have a great job and the coolest apartment I have ever had as this semester winds down and I will then be able to breathe, consistently! I hope you all have a great day and an even better week! Remember, one must remain fluid with the ebbs and flows of the tides of Life! To those of you out there in the grip, I hope. We do recover! Look around! Let me in or let me down! I am Jay, all day! Stay up. Stay human too though. I love you and you matter to me!WIN_20180423_06_04_37_Pro (2).jpg

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