The Truth Inside of You…

I can talk about it because I LIVED it! You may have read the book but certain things you just cannot learn from a book no matter how many times you’ve read it!

You keep taunting me and that’s ok. Ima let you in on a little secret, this is how it’s going to be…I am Jay all day, I will continue to be me! I’m gonna show these people what they need to see! Yeah, go ahead, share something with me, but I must advise you to choose your next words carefully! You might be able to take a boy out of the hood, but nothing will ever have the capability to take that part of me the Hood gave me that made me, ME!

No more Twisted Loyalties!

Stay off my side of the tracks from now on then! For you can now go on to say, “Once back in college, I too went slummin”! I been there, shit, I still live here and I know where I’m going-so, unlike you, I am no longer running!

For the first time in my life I am putting down some roots and it feels good! I am no longer wasting my forever full of futures! Sewed up my past with 101 sutures, Remember?

I woke up happy and unafraid, but you messaging me has reopened the scab and now I go forth only sad……

I had written this nice piece about the hand and the fingers and what each one meant and represented about the love I once felt for you, maybe, in time, I will share it. Until then, please leave me alone because my heart can no longer bear it!!!

Stay up. Stay human…img_20180504_062844124133914.jpg

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