Reminiscent of the Essence…

Hey, hi, and hello out there! The Aerosmith song I posted before this, Sweet Emotion, sets the stage for emmergence…close your eyes, press play and really listen to the words as the show is about to begin!

Sometimes it’s instinct, yet at others, it requires time to stop and think. Even in just the amount of time, it takes to blink. Can you smell it? It has become aromatic and it used to stink! We all possess it, the Essence. Even when we think it is gone, it’s still there. It has a smell. Its scent lingers in the air when your Soul has been raped, stripped bare…

I cried myself to sleep last night but didn’t no one care…

                                                   !The Remuneration has begun!

I look out my window this morning and I see a mixture of clouds hanging around. The Sun, she shines bright but cannot win the fight with the light that emulates from my window. Her rays don’t possess the power to overtake, to overthrow. The fire inside me that burns so bright now burns on the surface, Devouring my Soul. It is those Rays that now have control—>The Power of Soul!

The Power of WILL, if you will, is yours! WILL you decide for today to be day one? I’ve taken some hits, suffered some losses, but in the end, I WON! Today WILL you jump? Is that a decision you are WILLING to make? The Power of WILL, yeah, it’s YOURS to Take!

Ima just slow it down for a second and speak real bluntly. I’m gonna say some things that some, when they read my words, just can’t see…

People often ask me “Blackwell, why do you take so many selfies”? My answer is this-When I look at me, I finally like what it is that I see, who I’ve become and I no longer wish to run! I tried but it was a war I just couldn’t win! To hide all my scars with all these tattoos on my skin! For each one tells a story of where I’ve been! My Soul, it now shines on my skin! No more war from within…

It is no longer “one day” for me. It’s Day one, I’m ready to begin! No, wait! It’s already started! Day One has already Begun!

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope! We do recover! Look around! Let me in or let me down! I am Jay, all day! Stay up! Stay Human too though! I love you and you matter to me!img_20180506_090620395044054.jpg


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