Manipulation of the Senses…

img_20180507_2043101595158058.jpgI’ve cheated Death six times that I am aware of, but, remain unfruitful at robbing Father Time of his due.

The Moonlit Life I Live finds me in the attic once again. There are no lights on but my minds on and it’s demanding to be fed!

What’s that sound? I can barely make out what it is. They start out as whispers as they always do, but this time they quickly turn to screams. No longer are they nightmares, no. They too have quickly turnt to dreams!

                                                               !A Lightness of Mind!

I left everything I knew behind for I no longer wanted anything to remain for me to remind…

Evil can no longer seed me and to him, I say “you no longer need me”! When ritualistic behavior is no longer animalistic…Manipulation of the senses due to the senses! Sublimation…

If you listen real close, real carefully, you will no longer require the need to see as you will hear it in the Echos of Eternity…

To those of you out there in the grip, I hope! We do recover! Look around! Let me in or let me down! I am Jay, all day. Stay up. Stay Human! I love you and you matter to me!

Photo by, J.B. Photography.


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