Peculiar Molecular…

I got lost within the limits of what I know, no, what I once knew-to be real-to be true…

I laid down to die again last night and awoke a pile of ash as I do every morning, but today, something was different. All of my actions, all of my motions, were in reverse. Simultaneously it was happening—>a reincarnation—>The Rebirth!

I often write about changing my stars or what it feels like when they “align” and even though what took place this morning felt abrupt and of a culminating event, there have been signs…

Parts and pieces, pieces and parts-of another time, of another life-but with my same beating heart!

I have talked about being a man of a million faces when I was in active addiction and always looked at it as if it were an affliction—>Perceptions have changed in the way I perceiveĀ for what I’m about to say are not just words I write, but I really do believe…

A man of a million faces may be a bit too much, but I’ve lived at least a hundred past lives and this morning I can feel all of them as it’s my heart they have touched…

To be Continued….WIN_20180509_06_10_22_Pro

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