Electricity’s Viscosity!

screenshot_20180514-191347~3-11756485608..jpgHey, hi, hello. What it do? Can You fucken hear me because I cannot even see you! I wonder what she did with the LifeSavers I gave her? She Probably ate em without regards to what It took for me get them and where they could have took her and from what they could have saved her, us….

                                                               !40 Years full of tears!

Sometimes, it’s hard times and blurred lines! Love me when shit gets tough! That button is missing, it’s broken, there is no rewind! I can only wish I can numb my heart, lose my mind…

It’s been said that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. But, I am confused because I cannot help but recall what it was I felt before all I was expected to rely on was a voice from a phone, a call…

The Electricity’s Viscosity can’t keep me grounded it refuses to hold me down. It is unable to break down the walls no matter the length it goes to or how hard it tries–Life and Love have control, they have the power of smiles and cries! It’s velocity quickly turns into a monstrosity…

Went and got lost in the outer edges of my mind–>into outer space. At first, only seeking and searching the Sun, the Moon, and The Stars, but wasn’t quenched until I caught some lightning in the face!

It’s done! Gone! Over! Erased! Soon to be replaced! Just like the old photo that’s lost its luster–Let It Go! I’m invisible in the photos! Maybe I was never even there!

Thought I had something, someone to believe in…Sit, be still, and FUCKING BREATHE BLACKWELL! I try, but once again, I’m coughin and spittin! Drank from a poisoned well!

This too shall pass! I say that and believe t too with the absence of crass! When I lay down tonight to die, I am going to do so in a Life raft with no style and without any class!

You’re convinced we see the same Sun, the same Moon, and the same Stars on the same nights–maybe, one time, for one second, on one night we did—in another life…

Stay up. And stay Human too…

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