Attitude and Altitude!

Hey, hi, hello, and what it do??! This post is a compilation of scribbles on cardboard while being on the job site, The Struggle is real!

I was homeless long before I lived on the streets! Always moving and constantly on my feet-even when I was asleep! I spent so much time alone on that long and hard road that so few know, it became the only thing I ever knew to call home!

I lived my life as a square peg when all it was were circles I was tryna fit in! So much to say, I’m all over the place! Not sure where to go, how to begin. My mind is racing as my stomach flips!

I spent millions tryin to not feel in order to remain numb. I was living low-survivin off crumbs! Everywhere I turned, all I found were cliques! Everywhere I looked, all I saw were problems I could, not fixxx!

Life was a living hell, one big downer! I was a gypsy, so, I was always the fucken out of towner! A ghost with no sheet! Consistently non-existent! I kept with it though and I learned what it meant to be persistent! I made my own mother-fucken existence! I got tired of takin losses and kneeling to god damn crosses! With a 300 dollar a day habit, control, it was hard to grab it! I’m still stressin, yeah, but, Y’all will never see me beg for another “blessing”! I make shit Happen!

Sometimes, alone is all I think I will ever be! Maybe, this post should’ve read Locals Only! Because it is something I no longer wanna be, a Local Only! For it is Gypsy Blood I still Bleed!

                                  !Watch me reach DOWN and touch the sky!

It is this distance between us that keeps these memories concealed! ARe you even sure what is real!?

Come home!!!!!!

To be continued…screenshot_20180522-195901~21694950194..jpg



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