Lines, refined…

What can I write that hasnt already been written? If I could find the words, would you read them out loud? That way, they would be spoken and not just written?

How does one make a playlist when we are so unsure of the destination-knowledge, experience, or imagination???????

No amount of my sorrys could have ever taken it all back, but, none of yours will pull the knives from my back…

Sad songs and empty bottles! My bitch should be right beside me but she not though….

Turn this shit up to ten!!!!!! Let it play, sing with it!!!! Press rewind. Then, play it the fuck again!!!! Turn it up loud! You know, on full blast? Cuz what I’m feeling, what I’m writing, what y’all reading, ain’t gone last!

Sitting here gettin drunk while he watches, my Homie. Fuck you! You don’t know me! But, go ahead and judge me! While you’re at it, why don’t you blow me tonight because this shit feels right!

I take so many selfies for the poor, not the wealthy, for the sick, not the healthy! How are they supposed to hope if no one shows them how to make it???

Alone! In love with s phone! Long lonely road to the fucking middle! Life’s a joke, no, a god damn riddle and the only answer is another riddle! So, I end this post with a laugh, a smile, and a giggle!!!!!!

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