This one’s for you, Amber…

“This that shit you Bob yo head to”!

It’s also that shit you break my heart to! How the fuck do I fucken forget you?! What the fuck is it now that I’m supposed to fucking do???!!!

I gave up all my dreams, for another “you”! I now live a constant nightmare, because of you! This was the one future in my Forever i never thought I’d once again put myself through!

You only got one life girl, don’t waste it. I only had one LiFe, and now, it’s wasted!

I actually believed you! I told you I loved you! I fucking let you!

But……now, I think, naw,

nevermind! Go on living the way you are, BLIND!


  1. I relate to this so much!!! I walked out of a 7 year relationship that when we first met I thought he would be in my life till I died. I had to think about myself for once. It was very toxic!! It’s been 6 months now and he’s already married to someone he’s only known for 10 months. I struggle daily with that and my addiction. The struggle is very real!!!!!! I’m not using so that’s what’s most important.

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