Structure or Skin…

I got drunk last night! I woke up this morning and burnt this motha to the ground!

I wish I wouldn’t have-but I did-Run! I knew it wasn’t going to be fun, I needed to feel it though, that old familiar burn that one can only obtain from another trip around the Sun, another Turn!

I have this sweet Lil girl and at times, she knows how to kill the baby boi inside this man

They have shifted! And three times today! The plates! You know, the ones of the tectonic type?!?!!!? Let’s see if you can refuse to get gassed up by all the HYPE!


“a classical solution to the problem of the Universal’s”…..

so what is more important, the structure or the skin? And does it matter, how you define it, or where you begin???????

is the structure no more than the arrangement of or relations that connect the guts or elements of something so simple that it’s complex!? Structure imposes form!

the skin of a “thing” is what I would say has the most connectiin with it’s world, with the elements it’s within…

It’s the initial protector! It says something about it’s ‘structure’, about its core, about it’s guts, about it’s CREARTOR! The skin, although thought by most to be merely aesthetic, truly is what makes the connection between fo

rm and function! But, it also has the biggest potential of the two to be a false facade!

My skin is thin, but my structure is rigid and firm but old and it aches….

So what’s more important, structure or skin? I guess that depends on who you ask. Don’t ask me either, I k iw nothing!!!

Stay up! Stay human too though……

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