When the Point Breaks…

Buenas Dias!

Where you gonna be? How much can you take when it happens, you know what I mean? When the Point Breaks?

I think, first, one must define what they are in the situation, in the “thing”…

“Now, the first requisite of a thing considered as an end of nature, is that it’s parts, both as to their existence and form, are only possible by their relation to the whole”, Kant.

Structure or skin? When the waves crash, will they begin again? Or is this a natural end?

Will you be on your feet on your board and ride it out with an Oleaginous style? Or, will it be more phenomenal?

You know what I mean? What is perceived through the Senses rather than by intuition or some other rational deduction? Seduced by the seduction! That Lust for Life that one only feels when it’s made the connection, When the Point Breaks…

This feeling, although it feels surreal, is very, very real! Very, Corporeal!!!! Impossible to steal!

It’s not what you think! It’s not what you thought! Especially, when regulative principles that have become pre-programmed thoughts are being Sould, are being Bought!!!!

No more preconceptions! My perception of the apperception was just birthed, has just been born…

“No more vacillating a state of ignorance and contradiction”, Kant

The tide, the reef, the sand bar, the board, the Ryder, The Point Break…

There is no a priori reason one could have to believe they will ride it out to the end with style and grace every time without ever once landing on their face…

I was staring at my demons in the mirror as I wiped a tear, I realized, some things will forever remain unclear, infinite confusion…

My heart

has trouble accepting this fear. I blinked as I saw me staring back at me. It was as if my eyes were mirrors and just went on forever and ever and ever and ever…..

Through cut-throat, broken, and cracked sunrises, it became clear to me, I don’t know who I am anymore, and I really don’t care for it is well I will fare, When the Point Breaks…

Stay up. Stay Human!

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