Good morning. Namaste. Salutations.

I awoke and as I opened my eyes, it didn’t take me long to realize, I was staring at another broken, cracked, and cut-throat Sun rise.

The Sun refuses to shine. Behind the clouds she hides, once again as my emotions get Tangled up in the wind…

The air is thin as my Soul stirs about once again. No longer seeking or searching, no. This time it’s just restless. Movement has again become life. I should’ve listened to what she said, my wife. Maybe I wouldn’t feel this much pain-maybe the sky would allow the rain..

Sittin still and Fucken Breathin Blackwell. Wandering, wondering, pondering as to how hard this time in Love, I fell…

Stuck in my head again. I over think, yes, but, I over Love too!

If you were me, so would you…

Stay up. Stay Human too!

“Are you kind”?

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