high times at high tide…

The past is all I’ll ever find if I’m constantly looking for a new direction. Hotter than an infection and still, I can’t get warm! All I’m able to hear are the bees as they swarm!

Counting my mistakes in some self reflection only gets me poisoned every time!

I’ve known myself since the day I been born and ain’t nothing changed since that day. I’m still me. I’m still Jay.

My head’s up in em again today, the clouds. I guess I’ll have to wait for another day to attempt to change my ways because it’s all but I’m possible to see through this haze. It’s too thick. I’m too sick!

I been riding it far too long, the “Blue Goose” and I can’t fucken breathe! It’s too tight, this new noose…so, I stepped outside to take a look around for someone, anyone that cared, but remains the one thing I still cannot find…

Looks like rain. Fuck it! I guess I’ll head to the beach for more “high times at high tide”!

Stay up. Stay human too…

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