‘Tiny Flowers’…

I look down and it has coagulated, the blood. As I stepped over the chalk outline I can feel it shifting-the cracks in the fault line. Take my eyes for I no longer wish to see. I’d rather go blind! It’s too ugly-society, and humans in general as a species! You now I’m right! Shaking your inflated head as you read what I write…but still, you argue this with me. Why is it you keep trying to avenge something you know is not right?

My Soul, it’s on fire even though it’s raining and it’s not even night.

What is it then that you believe? If you do not see things as I see, please, by all means, enlighten me?!!?

Over and over, again and again, I listen to the same song because it soothes me and not because of my need to figure out how it all went wrong.

I live my life, and not by choice, on the extreme end of a spectrum, and the emotional type here is the one I speak of… intuition is the filter through which I experience the world…

“Yesterday, I saw you kissing ‘Tiny Flowers’, all that lives is born to die’….L.Z.

Wandering and wondering, pondering and thinking, smiling and crying, laughing as I sing, as I ride the up’s and downs, the ins and outs, the labrynth of the anastomosing connection you and I have come to call “our red string”...

The rain is innocent today, it’s cleansing. The raindrops produce a symphony when they hit the puddles, sining the songs they sing.

Stay up. Stay human.

“Are you kind”???????

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