“my pain is self chosen”

This was conjured up by the thoughts I think and will be over quick, so, don’t blink…

I’m brOKen and so full of holes, but somehow, still feel whole…

Everything he owns in fact, is broken, torn, and shattered. Except their love for each other so, nothing else mattered…

I not only fly, but soar with these broken and bent wings. Life is not a riddle, it’s a song and today, I WANNA SING!!!

I still though, need some type of relief! Please, give me some of your beliefs?! I’ve questioned all of mine only to find, myself alone on this reef! I’ve tooken all I can take! I’m ready for this god damn point to break!!!!!

Yesterday, I tried to live but couldn’t because they were the ones without the ability to forgive…

So, today, I’m ready to say hello to heaven, for hell, I’ve already been….

The dissonance is anything but harmonious and causes discord with my ears as it feeds my fears….

There is no such thing as a blessing! Everything I got, I EARNED! Nothing was ever given…

The time is now, for the teacher to be taught a new lesson…

In search of a single smile. Looks like I may be here a while…

Stay up. Stay human.

“are you kind”?

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