Nothing is Immortal

Searching for a ghost; the ghost of my Soul. The one from the life I used to live. You know, the one before this one, the one I lived before I became who I’ve become…

Troubled times, troubled waters….

I just signed when I seen the look in her eyes when that moment hit, when she finally realized, that something HAD died, that something had slowly amortized between us…

Death does not always equal birth. Sometimes, when something dies, it just goes black! Today, I wear that on my back, the black. It’s back! His heart is once again under attack! But, he’s the only one with a gun in his lap and war paint on his face! She screams, I’m LEAVING JACE! Red eyed from the mace!. He’s running but hasn’t moved from this place! He feels as if he’s losing the race! His feet lost their pace.

From hero to zero and he doesn’t like the taste!

She decides not to go and stands there and stares….

When he looks into her eyes, this time there is nothing there!

Stay up. Stay human.

Are you kind?


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