It all started on that fateful morning, and you know it!. I agree but don’t even consider myself a stoic…It refused to end, the morning, but for me, it never really began! Thrust of independence…

These aren’t just words in my notebook or blood spilled out onto my journal. Take another look and maybe read with your eyes closed for maybe you will see what it is I am trying to reveal, maybe, just maybe, you will feel what it is I feel…

Try to not only read the words I have written but say them aloud, the words, over an over, again and again. Then, and only then, tell me who you are at three am?!

My photos along with my words are sometimes Predictions or convictions, while at other times, seem like contradictions…but, for the most part, are just real life Juxtaposition! A contrast, no, THE contrast. They are more colorful than black and white though, and with the right eye, the correct perception, will never be wrong, nor will they ever be right though…

“THE” contrast, huh, Blackwell?

Contrast by definition is a verb: to set off in contrast, compare or appraise in respect to differences–(this definition, along with most of my wordy needs, is brought to you in part, no, in whole by, Merriam-Webster, online and comes highly recommended).

But, the contrast I speak of here is going to require a little more imagination and a lot less, well…

What if no one ever told you that Up-the direction-was up? What if, certain things you were taught and never questioned were eventually found not to be so factual or concrete? hit rewind now, and then re-peat…..

What is a cure for one, is another’s disease. can I have just one more, please???

Coming unraveled the furthur I travel is not such a bad thing! Look at how far we have come by well, coming undone!!! It is true! It has validity too!

I got this woman ya see? and she makes me feel as she whispers in my ear all of my biggest fears and it all remains unclear…Smeared! Out of focus, no more hocus-pocus!

Contrast is no more a myth as it is a necessity powered by imagination and fueled by use! There is no excuse…

The truth does not bring with it security nor does it me one secure, no matter how pure, but still, it is out there…occupied in a land that is supposed to be free. Judged for simply being me, by people that are unable to see…

I cannot out run the monsters in my head. So, I said hi, and we are now friends! They were tired of chasing butterflies too…

I feel so pressed up against the sky today and I dont even care as to why. I doesnt matter!

What is more important, the former or the latter???

The silence of the world is deafening, lets attempt to forget. Please, close your eyes and share a dream with me for just a moment.

I have become forlorn but I must say, at least I was forewarned…

Today, as am I, the trees are begging the sky for rain. I do not expect nor even wish, if it comes, the rain, for it to wash away the pain, nah. I will just continue to sit here in vain.

Stay up. Stay human too though.

ARe you kind?img_20180701_1559341041135550.jpg








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