The Hyjacked Amygdala

How do we change the way we think by using only the thing we think with??? ” My veins are blue and connected and every single bone in my brain is connected”! Implicit thoughts that are explicitly thought, should be being built, but are only being Bought, SOULD!!!

I’m a hundred days older and with you, my heart has turned oh so colder!

Left-handed writing, left-brain thinking in a right-brained world-HURLED! Thrust of independence! There’s no mercy for me here, and there, there is no room for penance! It’s 3 am, I am alone, and neither one of us are home!

The Hijacked Amygdala and the shattered and broken heart. Using tweezers to pick up the shards!

Suffocating! I can’t breathe! No longer can I help you for I know not what you need!

Our arguments are no longer premise one, premise two, conclusion! NO! It was all just an illusion, Smoke, and Mirrors! Delusional!

I didn’t pass even though I did my best. I prayed to god but the devil did the rest…screenshot_20180709-055030~21682951787..jpg


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