Jungles on the Moon

It’s a place unlike any other that I’ve ever been. It’s unlike any other time, I can’t remember when…

Allow me to paint you a colorful picture using only black and white. Please don’t judge me, for I am not saying what I write is right, only what I see at three am, at night.

I write so much because this ink will dry faster than my tears. You will read them, my words and then forget them along with me and my fears, I cannot outrun them…

                                     —>!NOBODY WINS IN A FIGHT!<—

There is no forgiveness in them Jungles on the Moon and I’m a Guerilla!

We scream and we yell. You pull out the dagger and I push the salt in, you know, the wound? What? Too real? Too True? Or Too Soon????

It’s impossible to live a moonlit life in them Jungles on the Moon! It’s hard to sleep too for there is no light that is organic only fears and panic!

Lines will be drawn and sides will be chosen. And maybe, just maybe, I will live to write about what I see another night if I can only find it in my heart to continue this fight!

                                                                         !SOUL LOSS!

I know, I know, right? There are three sides to every story, My side, your side, and the truth. But, your side is full of holes and lies and mine is too uncouth! I ain’t wrong but you ain’t right!!!

The momentum has shifted and the rain only just begun. I am now on the run with a loaded gun and here comes the flood! Black and white no more. Tomorrow I will continue this in BLOOD!!!!

To be continued…screenshot_20180712-121137~21944057974..jpg

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