The Harmonious Punk!

I always thought they were bullshit, Zen moments until I had one! They were something I was never able to wrap my head around or get on board with until I learned to read Sanskrit-‘Dhyana’…

I was shredding this sweet ass hill in town for the seventh time that day and although the street is a busy one, it has no curves. It is hard on one’s Soul, but it is easy on my nerves!

                             ENLARGING THE SPHERE OF YOUR JUDGEMENTS

My feet were touching the deck, the deck was touching the trucks, the trucks were touching the new speed bearings I had just bought, the bearings were touching the wheels, and the wheels were rolling right along that hot and unforgiving fucking asphalt! But the connection I had with it all at that moment was more than anyone could conjure up, well, more than most. It came from out of nowhere. It was born from a ghost!!!!!

I may as well have been going 100 mph because, at first, that’s how slow my thoughts were. I looked down and everything was a blur, from the lines on the street that the board was connecting to my feet, all the way to the cars ripping by me full of people that I’ll never meet.

Rolling down that hill, living in that moment, 100 mph, 100 feet at a time, blurred lines-every single thought, worry, and problem escaped my mind! MASS EXODUS! Just like that-POOF-they were gone! Black magic-hocus-pocus!

Everything became quiet too. It was the first time I’ve ever experienced silence, true silence, and enjoyed it too!

All of this occurred in the five or six minutes it took me to rip down this street, this hill, but in my mind, my heart, no, in my SOUL, it was a lifetime and I got my fill!

I attempted to obtain this moment many many times that day on that same hill but was unsuccessful. Skating is a lot like life to me. Once in a great while, these moments come that is almost unexplainable and obtainable without ease and then other days it’s an uphill skate all fucken day until the toxic sunset comes and the point finally breaks and as I start to gain speed on the downward side a tiny little pebble comes into the path of my wheel and my face skids across the hard and unforgiving concrete!

Skate or die! More like, I will skate until I die!

Stay up. Stay human too though!

#builtnotbought #fightofmylife #jaystrong!

Are you kind?!screenshot_20180722-213545~21851143444..jpg

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