Trash Bags of Life

I’ve had to fight my whole way through, you know, this thing called Life? And all the while, to myself, I have remained true! I can no longer keep track of what they said! Who Blackwell?! OH! The voices in my head! 

One second, one minute, one hour, one day at a time, I try and I try and I try to find new ways to withstand this abuse and somedays, I must admit, I just throw my hands in the air screaming what the fucken use?

So, I just keep filling these trash bags full of my Life…

I said it before and I will say it again, I am gonna silence myself for a while as I sit, as I search for a new style, feverishly seeking some new ground! I may be quiet and you might not see me, but I’ll be around! You try and you try and you try, but, you remain unable to figure this out! To you, it’s all unclear-POOF-into thick, heavy, wet air! Just like blowing smoke into a mirror…

It’s a hard way to go, but it’s the one I fucken chose. I’ll find out who I am on the other side of the struggle though…

Corrupt by Love in a world full of hate, bitterness, and greed! It’s my words you say that you read, but refuse to see that it’s your lies that continue to make me bleed!

You burnt down my god damn house and then judged me for being homeless! She doesn’t care about me! She doesn’t care about you! What is deeper than red? no, RED, not blue!

I cannot run no more because I can’t feel my feet! I got bullets for teeth and monsters in my head! Don’t say you loved me when I am gone! You know, when I am dead!?

                                                           !Horrangued to death!

No more air to breathe! No more to share, my breath…

You’re the one that bit the head off of the snake! And now you yell that it’s no more you can stand and no more will you take!

Red Rover, Red Rover! Won’t you please send a fucken new one over and please, don’t let this one be red all over!

Stuffin these trash bags full of Life, I can’t find one big enough to fit you in! Where oh where did you ever find the one that you stuff all my feelings in???

Hidden manipulations that become visible with the correct translations Thrust of Independence while you are blinded from ignorance!

How bout you throw them bones instead of them stones Because you live in a glass home! My house is made of bricks. Structure and good skin!

You’re the villain playing the victim! Miss me, miss me! You want someone to miss you but all you have to offer is that “Hypocritical kiss” and a fucken judgmental grip!

Jayce! Is this post about me??? I don’t know, does the shoe fit????

Jumpin out that dumpster tonight that’s full of the trash bags of my Life wearing ripped up jeans and fresh Nikes!

Stay up. Stay human. #builtnotboughtscreenshot_20180805-2123261675654010.png

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