Fight or Flight!

Fight or Flight, right?! Sometimes it happens during the day, but to guys like me, it occurs mostly at night! I’m climbing through another hole in the sky and please, do not even ask me. I won’t tell you! You’re too blinded with ignorance to ever understand why and I’d rather watch you cry!!!

Which one hits you first, Fight or Flight, and when, Day or god damn Night?! And which one is first and which one is too fucking soon????

My name is Jay and to some, this may mean something! My ability is wearing thin so, if you wanna make a move then you better get the fuck in!

So, please, sit back and relax as I welcome you to my side of the tracks! And by all means, allow me to paint you a colorful picture once again using just my words that are only black and white. Fight or Flight!

We’ve all been faced with this situation at least once, if not more then that, you know what I mean? When one is forced to make a Soul Shattering, split second decision-to live or die-to die in order to live-Fight or Flight!

Love, Loss, Loved and Lost, Lost Lust, and those that are just GONE!

                                                         —>!!!SOUL LOSS!!!<—

I’ll be arriving at my funeral late, but too fucken soon! Sideways with bullets flying and on a new broom! Last night I chose to fight as I ditched the needle and found a new use for the spoon! How much of YOUR body is actually actualized by YOUR Soul? Is this just another Fallacy? CONTROL???????

To live or die? Fight or Flight! To die in order to Live! It’s my Soul now, the one I took from you! You know, the one that wasn’t even yours to give?! 

When you’re sick like this it becomes impossible to be sure that there will ever be a cure. Hotter than an infection as I refuse the injection! THINK while it is still free! 

I’m gonna end this post for now, but will return as I have so much more to say because what worked for me last night, ain’t gonna fucken work today!

Stay up. Stay Human too though!



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