Molested Souls

What are you going to do when the Paranoia takes a hold and begins to devour your Soul?! Again, is this just another fallacy? Control?! And will you relinquish that in which of what you thought you owned of your own Soul?!

New reasons and old fucken rhymes! A gateway through time as I climb through a new hole in the sky! It’s starting to become the only place I can be me because I am tired of the lies! Hey Felicia, BYE! I’m about to start going against the main architectural lines!

I found my own way to live that may not be new though. I quit the drugs and still remain unable to find true love! What?! Ok then, Come at me BRUH! I loved, once and then let it go. But, I didn’t realize what I lost until the next time I got drunk though…

My words are like bullets from an A-K! Fully Auto! and I am ready to fucken spray some lead! Please, don’t blame me when you get mad when you get shot from my words! You know, the ones you read?!!!

“Hey, Jay-“mother-fucking Blackwell?! You’re a god damn Sleaze”! Oh yeah? Well, tell me something I don’t know and please, get original! Bitch, Please!?

I scream aloud! In fact, at times, it’s in your face, I shout! “I wear my heart on my sleeve”!  while at others, it’s on this paper I bleed out! But, that doesn’t mean you will ever have a clue about my STEEZE and what that is all about!

I’m sick to my stomach and just puked on the flooR! I had to let it all out. Dinners ready! You said you wanted to eat out! “Blued up from the shoes up” When I wake up anymore, I never feel rested because my Soul is always Molested!

Stay Up. Stay Human Too Though!


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