What If?

“There can be no difference anywhere that doesn’t make a difference elsewhere.” William James…

Get ready for some Scant words from a Penchant man! But, please do not get angry with me if it’s my words that you do not understand!!!

This post though, it is titled for and after, first and foremost, for my Fiancee! you know, my future Wife??!! She hates this! yeah, when I write the words that are clearly written on that invisible wall…

I recently wrote some words that came from my heart. It wasn’t until then that she accosted me for it was then that she knew she had no control!

This one is for YOU chica!

She reads my words and quickly turns to say, “It’s ok, Jayce! I understand”! And then, turns a blind eye to my feelings, the one she defines as my guy and then just gets mad!!!

Trust! Honesty! They are what so many wants, but, when I give it, they only fucken judge me!!! They_Those!aren’t blind, but will never truly see that it’s thirteen angels with broken wings and no halo’s that have been sent to me to save something in which they have no control, my SOUL!!!

All of this, ME, ME, ME! Only to follow with more, I, I, I! What would you do if there was no more Moon and or the sun to light up the sky?!

Imagination-Control-Brain-Mind-Ther comes a fucking Time!!!

Ima climb through another hole in the Sky! You do remember, right?! That place where I take y nightmares to die!

This is the only place that I feel alive! You know, that hole in the sky? You have no reach! It is my dreams you will never touch! They are too high to die!!! Yup!

Your world, not mine, after seven am is full of greed and corrupt! The thrust of Independence and oh sooooo fucking abrupt?!!!

Some things are just mine, right? But, when do I ever get a god damn chance to breathe let alone et my mind right?

                                                                        What If?

What if that hole in the sky I depend on is a fucken Lie?! How will I pull through?! What will you do when I’m dead? When I die? Freedom is a Fallacy that will never exist in the sky of my mind!

All of this while she is saying,”Jayce! This ain’t it, this ain”t all! I promise I will catch you when you fall” all of which, after I fell into the fucking Fall! Hindsight is 20/20, afterall…

Stay up. Stay Human too though…



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