Coughin, spittin, with the Devil I’m trippin!

Headed up to them jungles on the Moon and not a moment too soon! I’m flying up there with a new Bitch on an old Broom!

Everybody wanna be a King and constantly in search of they Queen. Praying to False gods and tryna stay on the “level”…

I’m over here with crooked thoughts and down with my Demons as I kick back with the Devil! Demons on speed that is, and I just bought some LSD from the Devil! Now, let me sit here in my riches, and REVEL! I no longer feel sick, I just threw up! Kicking it with some new bitches while them whores hold my feet up…

The voices in my head had me thinking twice! I almost made her my fucken Wife! Old Scratch, once again, left her mark on my back! Blackwell! Take that back! I would if I could but it’s out of the bag, you know the Cat!???

“Jayce! you’re a junky and everybody hates you and your words are for shit!” Fuck you bitch! and get original! and when you do call CNN and tell them you got some new news!

I was bored so I pulled the trigger-now, my brains are slidding down the wall! Turns out,  didn’t need them after all! It only took seven shot to my head! My brains, yeah, they be all over the wall, but I’m still alive- I AIN”T DEAD!

I’m a ghost now, without a sheet! I’m not a skeleton even though you tried to lock me in the closet. I went through the door dumb as! It ain’t matter if you fucken locked it!

The fuck you mean?! It does not matter what you bring because I already BROUGHT IT! Everything I own, I fucken built! Everything you have was given to you or someone else bought! That doesn’t mean you can call it a blessing! When your family is all dead and gone- you gonna be lost with no life skills while that god of yours leaves you wondering, leaves you guessing…

Up against the sky, you will no ore be pressing me!

I never called your dad a pussy even though, he is a BITCH! I even heard it through the grapevine, he’s the one that gave you that seven-year itch! Bitch!

You may be pretty, but you ain’t no Maralyn though! And your dad may have more money, but I got more dough!

He told me to watch my back, your daddy! He threatened to take my life with the guns he has. The only thing he can do is shoot me, trust and believe! He is a bitch, that why he gonna shoot me in my back! ForWIN_20180910_15_43_18_Pro (2) some things, I will always be true and will always be bound! Tell your bitch ass dad that if he keeps threatening me, when they find his body, with white chalk, they will surround!

Blackwell! You ain’t right! Whatever happened to fight or flight? Bitch, I survive!

Fuck stayin up! Stay Low! The fuck about this life you even know???!!!

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