the gospels…

I ain’t no motherfucking gangster! I have never been nor thought of myself as an “OG”! What I am is a heroin addict and a stone cold mother-fucken JUNKY! a God damn DOPE FIEND!

I been called a lot of things! No, wait, Labelled is more like it! But, I don’t care! I’m a long, hard, round peg! and I’m getting it the fuck in wherever I can stick it in!

Don’t do this! Do that! and Blackwell, while you’re at it, let go of some of that baggage! Well, I can’t! Because I am A GOD DAMN SAVAGE! I’m a sinner! The one everyone loves to hate! The Putrid fucking Saint! It’s Sunday and I cannot stand nor stomach church! I just puked! I ain’t hungry! I think I’ll drink a few cold brews and go skate!

Jayce! You need to eat! It’s been three days since I’ve seen you eat! Bitch! Don’t judge me because I am what you will never be, what you ain’t!

I’m white trash as a motherfucker! I’ve built my empire from the bricks I’ve pulled from the rubble! There’s a lot more than just rain that flows in the gutter! They say that blood is thicker, but it has been proven to me to flow faster and easier than water!

I can’t fucking see! My eyes are all blurry! The smoke! It’s blinding me from all the bridges I’ve been burning! This life I live is not a god damn journey and I will not motherfucking hurry!

I’m richer in ways that money will never touch! So, keep your fucken money and while you are at it, choke on your two cents! You already took my god damn innocence!  Oh! and don’t worry about the bill! I already picked up the tab and my Soul was the currency in which was spent!

I have said before, I am going to part the motherfucking waters of words! Today though, I’m gonna write on some lines that are straight, but my words will be so curvy, when you are done reading them, Scruvy will be your fate!

I’ve died more times than I can count but, I’ve been brought back six times! Not a minute too late or a second too early, cuz when I was out, It was black! No heat! No light! and no gate that was pearly! NO GOD DAMN FATE!

I was never christened nor was I baptized! I was burnt after they splashed Gasoline in my fucking eyes! Molested! I AM NOT, NOR EVER WILL, BE ASKING FOR FORGIVENESSEVERYTHING I GOT, I FUCKING EARNED! tHERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS BLESSINGS! THERE IS NO GOD OUT THERE THAT EVEN TO ME, WOULD GIVE THIS! 

Stay up! Stay Human! #builtnotboughtscreenshot_20180805-2123261675654010.png


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