The Straw Man!

First of all! You got me once again, feeling like it’s okay to Be Down With My Demons! On My skateboard and going down the street SCREAMING!!! Somebody take his pen, what he’s writing is weird! The Truth is what we don’t wanna hear! He’s too fucken REAL! So, much so, these words we can’t steal!
There’s This Guy I know, and his name is Jay Blackwell! I am sure though, it’s his name you’ve already heard though! It’s his name and reputation that is always getting smeared, YO! After all, he has done for them and all he’s doing for you, I’d be fucking mad if I were him too!
He wasn’t left with a lot to live up to, and because of people like you, he has a lot to live down. A Prince, no, a King without a crown. The one everyone laughs at when he’s down in this Fucking Town!!
Blackwell! Let’s talk about it! Why? so I can get judged about it? You’ll never be able to wrap your head around it! My problems…
!The Straw Man!
Yeah, that’s right! I said I DON’T WAnna talk about it! I’d rather sit and write some new words about it for y’all to misconstrue! There aint no right or wrong anymore! People just do what the fuck ever they wanna do!
!The Straw Man!
All you are is a listening ear that feeds off of my fears! Got me SCREAMING, but all that comes out of my mouth are moths as I’m pulling my hair out!
!The Straw Man!
The man without a brain because I spend so much time on them outer edges of my mind! Lost in my imagination again, with no concept of time! Relief! It’s what I’m looking for but if it’s IT that I never find, my Life still ain’t gonna be a waste of time…

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