Inside The Wind…

There are a lot of things that are known and even more, that is unknown, in between, there is this thing They call Life.

It is technically a four letter word, Life. But to some, metaphorically, that is all it will ever be…

They say that Life is what you make of it, and for the most part, I completely agree. It does have those out of the blue, from out of nowhere, or out of the unknown moments that can take us by surprise and take our breath away that come and go, like and with the wind. 

It’s full of ups and downs and smiles and cries that can change in or with the blink of an eye!

                                    !!!I HAVE THE COURAGE TO BE DISLIKED!!!

It is during my journey to find some shelter from the World that leaves me wishing I was “Inside The Wind” once again…ahhhh, the wind! It is that one force of nature that has always intrigued me the most. It contains so many things, the wind, but it carries away even more!

It comes from out of nowhere and at times, you cannot even see it, but you can almost always feel it! It can blow soft and slow or it can rage with a ferocity that has no comparison!

It contains the dreams of my childhood, which are held inside of the seeds from that dandelion that I once did blow…

“Inside of The Wind”, once again, I wish to go…

Some of the things in Life I know, I wish I didn’t though…Even more so, I am glad for those things that remain Unknown as they leave room for my imagination to grow and my mind to roam! “Inside The wind” I wish to go…

It also, carries with it, all of the things of which I have let go; as in, the fallacy of control…”Inside of The Wind”, I watch as it blows…

so, every time you see it, the wind, however hard or soft it blows, I hope you think of me, whether it’s in the tree’s and their leaves or a tumbleweed as it bounces down the road, because, I know longer have to wish, as it’s “Inside The Wind’ I go…

Stay Up. Stay Human Too. #builtnotboughtscreenshot_20180805-2123261675654010.png


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