Missing Pieces…

I really don’t know what I really don’t want! But, I do know that in order to figure out who I am, I must first determine who I am not! I’m not afraid! I’m not afraid! Ok, alright, I guess I am a little, you know, afraid…I’m also, a Little frayed!

                     !!!??Is YOUR past definitively divided by just today???!!!

“Missing Pieces”, huh? Inside the wind once again as I paint you a colorful picture using only black and white.

Life is like a song, no, a poem, no, an Ode, no, wait; life is like a riddle! Or, is it? Does it even matter? Tryna figure it out has left me in tatters and looking like the Mad Hatter and down to the bone, it has left me riddled!

                                               !!!The Enigma of The Stigma!!!

Really though, I do feel as if Life is like a puzzle. It takes you your whole life and so much energy to find all the pieces and put them together for only one little “thing” to come along and knock a few of them out. A few “missing pieces” doesn’t stop me though, from seeing the big picture, but it leaves me with holes and not feeling Whole, ya Know???!!!

Now, in my past, up until and including seven days ago, I would frantically attempt to find and put back these “missing pieces”. So much so, that it affected and infected all other areas of my life to the point that I could not even be me; I was no longer, Jay!

I’m ok with having “missing pieces” today; I am still Jay and when I look into the mirror, I still like what I see. Some of those pieces contained entities that needed to be set free for all of eternity!

The “System” is broken, disrupted, and full of corruption., BUSTED! It doesn’t matter, what you’ve done. It doesn’t matter, what you’ve said, those missing pieces, if you do find them, won’t fit, they will never go back to where they have always been!

Stay Up! Stay Human too though!

#projectsparechange #builtnotboughtScreenshot_20181117-045906~2.png



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