Filet of Soul…

“Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him”, Aldous Huxley.

Tell me, can you spare some fucking change?!!? Misconstrued preconceptions that need to be rearranged, that need to change to help those that suffer deceive the deception!

Unlike the Japanese, who ill their cracks with gold, I fill mine with pieces of my Soul! “Soul Loss”!


Somewhere, in them outer edges of my mind, does it feel is the only place I can find, the pieces of my Soul that I have lost, that have learnt to fly when hard were the times…Fileted of SOul!

Bits and pieces, slices and slivers, as the filet are carved out by the Butcher, I quiver!

Please, please, PLEASE!? Allow the suffering to speak! Today, I am SCREAMING FROM THE ROOFTOPS, “WHAT YOU DO IN BREATH, ECHOES IN ETERNITY IN SILENCE”!!!!!!

It’s been said that parts of one’s Soul will leave them during troubled times or when I am in troubled waters, only to return when I feel fine when I am no longer drowning in a sea of fears! Just remember, The best parts of my Soul will flee, and the strongest parts are what is left to me!


                                                          Stay up! Stay Human!

I find myself, once again, upside down in a right side up world and thinking about jumping!

#builtnotbought #projectsparechange #juxstaposedIMG_20181117_230117617~2.jpg


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