AsyLums and AssimiLations!

This post starts and is Intended to ContaIn Molov Fucking Thoughts! KaBoom! I just threw it! Even though You missEd iT and You won’T undersTand, I’m ok with it, as iT is Part of my Plan!!!

“GasoLine RainBows”! form and as it’S eXploding, the fire begins to Take sHape aTop the Waters oF tImes’ Surface tWo eleMents in oNe, How perFect???!!! The fiRe repreSents thE ferOcity of my Voice, as I am seldom heard and the bomb left me with no choice! The fire, no, the heat, rePresents my dEgree of PasSion!

A Beacon oF lighT, withOut a Cost, withOut a pRice, a gLimmer oF hopE That Isn’t atatchEd to He enD of a Rope

But, In thIs woRld of adDiction, in mY miNd, I aM thE VictiM…

                                                           !!!Innocence LOST and oh, At WHAT a CoSt!!!

I feeL As though I felL thrOugh tHe iCe tHat I was wArned AbouT bEinG thIn aNd All i sEe oN thE othEr sIde Are mY “PEOPLE” sHaking Their Heads aS thEy sAy “wHat a Shame”…and They cannOt Even rEmembEr My Fucken Name!!!

The waTer RepresenTs Time aNd fEar! It’s noT hard To sEe and is AlwaYs There,,,

My mother didn’t run away, You remember, when I was Five? Turnt out she was a witch and burnt alive! Nasty, raspy~in Tune harmonics. Hold on, wait, you’ll see as my stars alingn~my thoughts turn electric!

I watched her burn in a dayscream I had one time! It’s true, I seen it with my own two eyes, I heard her burn too, oh the screams and all I did was smile as I looked up to the sky…inner peace I want then inner piece I shall have…

I’m up-side-down in a right-side-up world again and thinking about jumping..Stay up. Stay Human too…

How does one write down a Panic attack????

#Projectsparechange #inthegrip #builtnotboughtScreenshot_20181118-184803~3.png

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