The drums are pounding-Louder than Bombs! I can feel the bass in my fucken face and now I want some action from the back section!

Forget what they said. Forget what you have been told! Stop using those emotions as a crutch and embrace those senses that do not deceive, that do not fold! Let go of what you don’t want and fucken take what you need!

Gliding along on a memory of a thought that hasn’t even occurred yet! Oh, wait, it’s a dream!




Broken Bones and speaking in codes, no, wait tongues! Speaking in Tongues!

My thoughts just became Electric-so much static~sporadic~eclectic!

Reaching, grabbing, clawing, drawing straws~Drawing on the walls and picking up Jacks! Shooting Marbles and dropping Acid!

The Energy Meridians have spiked, once again! The pre-dawn breeze brings with it, change I’ll only find if I shake it out of the chimes!

Busted Bottles lay at my feet and it’s not until then I notice, I’m standing barefoot in the street!

Come, bring it to me as I allow the suffering to speak! There is no such thing as one size fits all; I’ve seen you naked!

My crown is heavy as it’s made from horseshoes that have been melted down. It sure is hard to move around in a right side up world when I am up-side-down! Stay up. Stay Human. 

#projectsparechange #builtnotbought #inthegripScreenshot_20181119-054629~2.png


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