A Date With Destiny…

I no longer wish to slit my wrist with razors or cut my arm off with knives!I’m too dead to die~I have too many lives! Empty bottles that are now busted~razors that are now rusted~ain’t what they promised me they would be and now, can’t be trusted!

I’m atop this building, ya know? I’m high on Life and up on this moth-fucken roof!     Barkin~Bitin~Snappin~Clawing—-WOOF!

                                                     !I have a Date With Destiny!

Swinging for the fenses while I lean and depend on my 8 other senses! Wait, what??? I mean, sense is!

I’m a leader! I have the courage to be disliked! My heart is capable than so much more than sorrow and if you stick around, I’ll show you, tomorrow!

Instigators and haters! Up’s and Down’s, up off of the ground! My side of the Trax is precisely where no mercy will be found, or, shall I say, BEFOUND?! One footing my new life, my new stride…

Throwing up blood that’s turnt to gasoline! Chlorine dreams! I took out my eyeballs and bleached them! I have A Date With Destiny!

I fought for my right, I paid my debts and paid my dues, to say and write the things you may not like and the things that you say ain’t right! It’s not my fault you can’t handle the truth or this moon~lit Life!

If I died tomorrow, I’d come back as a dragonfly, except, Hollow! Structure or skin? Go back to the beginning and begin again! I’ll see you tomorrow, because, I have A Date With Destiny!

Being an addict along with having several mental health illnesses, I must choose which monster to feed and how much. I either drink and use or I work towards my future, you know, the one I am constantly running from?

Stay up. Stay Human too though!

#builtnotbought  #inthegrip  #filetofsoul


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