Foreclosed Dreams!

IMG_20181125_134037025~2.jpgWhen my dreams become a reality so big you couldn’t fathom, let alone see, you then attempt to take them away from me  by using any means neccesary~

You steal my looks! You Read my Books. You read my words but, cannot see between the lines, or, my cracks from where it broke, because it was up you were shook! Didn’t you know? “Ther Ain’t No Such Thing As Half-Way Crooks”!

Soul snatching dayscreams that’ll have your eyeballs knocked out as I finally got some clout in this here town~

In this situation though, I am the bank and it’s my own dreams that are being repoed! #foreclosed! I am taking them back and running as it’s off that I choose to roam because your emotional loan isn’t even as strong as styrofoam!

Please don’t think this post was about you and do what you always do and misconstrue, as I wrote this whilst looking into the mirror~

Stay up. Stay Human too though

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