Haters and Instigators!

Welcome ladies and Germs! Some of you will read what I write, but few will hear what I say and the other ones will shake their heads while they smile and swear they’ve heard~my words! but the only thing they feel from them is fear because they don’ handle it well, the truth, especially coming from me and oh how so uncouth…

Twisted and crooked thoughts being spilt, but only like one or two of you have what it takes to see and read and believe what it is that’s between the lines!

I am my parents worst nightmare; this couldn’t be more clear. I’m a public educated thug with more velocity than a 12 gauge slug! kaboom! if you heard it, you didn’t feel it and if you felt it, you didn’t hear it, you’re fucking DEAD!

                                            ~!!!REVALUATION OF ALL VALUES!!!~

CCrucifiedby self suicide!~Shot-gun blast!~nightmares and dayscreams!

The beat isn’t fast, but it’s steady. You’d better get it if you ain’t already, ya know, ready!!!???

They ain’t coming from drums. That’s as easy to tell as the air is thin~but, they are coming from some sort of skin~back to the beginning and start over, no, wait, begin again!

Words that are so hot they be searing closed my woundsfrom them knives in my back, cuz, I’m constantly under attack!


~!Wicked and twisted!~I am brOKen! I am FINE!walking that thin line so hard and so tight~Bloody knuckles and rusted belt buckles…

It’s the deviates amongst us that hold society together! LET THE SUFFERING SPEAK! Stay up. Stay Human too though

#builtnotbought   #filetofsoul   #inthegrip

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