Welcome to my nightmare. somebody shut them doors and somebody else, FUCKING LOCK ’em! Now that you’re all in, sit down, shut up. and for once, just listen!

It’s not love nor is it hate, it’s ink that runs through my veins-the opposite of all pleasure is more fucken pain!

You’ll never wash this off, it’s blood! That’s why they call it a stain…

Blackwell!!! Why do you say these things? “Don’t judge me cause I don’t have the same restraint! I’m Jay-Mother-Fucking-Blackwell and I will not refrain! I also, will no longer be “Dis-Stained”!!!!

It’s on this paper that I will continue to bleed because I’d rather be heard than be seen. Sometimes, the messages aren’t write there on them lines, it’s somewhere else they lie, inside the in between!

Some of this ink may rub off of this paper and onto your skin-Osmosis! Happiness is not a Sin! Let that sink in! I still ain’t asking to be forgiven!

I need to make some new pens and fill ’em with the “Un-Cut” and then write some more words that hit you right in the fucking Gut!

You do remember right? Oh, it’s on these straight lines I bleed words that are curvy! The type that, when you try and repeat, will give you scurvy!

I’m in a new place and it’s a new time. I’m doing some of the same old things and I still can’t fucken sing, but, I sure can flow and bet that ass I can fucken rhyme!

I’m Wyatt Earp and this is the wild west! This is my world now, y’all are just living in it! To all my haters, I give you my best…

Stay Up. Stay Human Too!

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

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