Situational Abnormality

I feel like water today.

Situation, by definition, means of, relating to, or appropriate to a situation or situational ethics. Pretty cut and dry, I’d say.

Now, abnormality, on the other hand, is defined as something abnormal; the quality or state of being abnormal. I’m feeling a lot of grey area here, especially of abnormality is predetermined or largely shaped by immediate social standards and may come with swift and severe ramifications from society.

Situational Abnormality

The 4 D’s of the DSM-5, or, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, fifth edition, are-

1-Deviant-different, extreme, unusual, perhaps bizarre.

2-Dysfunctional-interferes with daily activities.

3-Distressing-unpleasant and upsetting to oneself.

4-Dangerous-careless, hostile.

With Danger sounding the most severe, it is usually the exception rather than the rule.

Enter in the fact that there are so many different sub-cultures these days that are self-labeled, are they not just eccentric? What if someone does something that appears drastic to their society’s standards but is overlooked by a certain situation that quiets the judgments or lessens the ramifications, and that “something” is something that someone else in the very same society does frequently?

When society attempts to define abnormalities in personalities, are they not raising as many questions as they are answers?

Situational Abnormality

Clean off your lens of perception and widen your frame of reference and please, don’t judge a life you’ve never lived!

Stay up. Stay human.

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

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