Potable Life!

I am going to start out by saying, “I hate you all”

Depths. Depravity. Depths of depravity. I, you and me. Very few will understand and even fewer possess the capability to see the varying degrees of dysfunction that occur, everyday, among each and every one of us! Into the beach-less Sea of Fears I am once again, thrust…

Surrounded by conspiracies, what the fuck am I supposed think, let alone see?! Panic now! No time to clearly think when my existence is consumed with depression only to be swallowed by anxiety…

Blackwell! Your words are so negative and dark! Yeah?! Well, fuck you too because if you think it is scary to read my words, thoughts, and emotions, how scary do you even think it must be to feel them?!!!!

Do people only reach out as a cause of guilt????!!!!! Is not bottom on which their foundation was built? How can it have been any other place? If it was, in time, it will crumble, it will be erased…

Is there such a thing as one man with many minds? Or, a man with many minds, if you will? Truth! I know, it’s a hard little pill!

I cannot help but wonder, what is life like inside of the clock? Are there better reflections of my perceptions? or, is it the same as talking to this rock?

Good company is seemingly impossible to find….

So, sit here I will, alone, and take another drink of my “Potable Life” and with each drink, become redefined

stay up stay human

#inthegrip #whiteknuckes #buitn0tb0ught

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