The Same Kind of Different

Just yesterday, it was Summer. I woke up this morning and it was freezing again. Have I become, nothing more than the product of my own ignorance? How soon is now to take a stand or maybe, just change my stance?

~Same Kind of Different~

I find myself walking down the street instead of the alley, chewing on two sticks of BlackJack with my black backpack tight against my back~headed to somewhere I am unsure of when they keep telling me the only place I’m headed is back to where I’ve come and to stop tryna become something in which I know nothing of~Legit! I pick up my pace, lickity-split, walking faster now tryna outrun another slit-wrist!

~Same Kind of Different~

I’m getting mine, even if it means I’m taking yours. Time to settle up and even the score. I long for company, but that in which I find, only seems to love misery. These pills ain’t working no more!My doctor got me, once again, feeling as privileged as a whore! The voices in my head, they join together as it starts to begin, the symphony!

~Same Kind of Different~

I find myself driving now, but this shit box car, I had to steal! Nerves of steel it takes to keep a hold of this wobbly wheel!

~Same Kind of Different~

Everyday is the same, in some type of way, DIFFERENT! I find myself experiencing, in some variance of degree, The Same Kind of Different as I take another drink of My Potable Life…

Stay up. Stay Human too though…

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

1 Comment

  1. Jay- I don’t know what to say. This is filled with so much expression it is overwhelming on which way to take a stance, to understand, to interpret. But if I had to say one thing,
    Each paragraph suggest more than one point and together they create one message.. the same kind of different.


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