Disposable City

I’m sitting here, in Hell. It’s right next to where Heaven ends. It’s that place where you can’t break time, because, here, it bends! What is it about this place you think you know? Is it not your “Own Private Idaho”?

Surrounded by this invisibility of whiteness. I’m not sure how much longer I can sit here, submerged in this, and bear wittness!

The smell of garbage is all over the place; it’s not just what’s right in front of my face. Putrid bodily fluids.

Dysphoria isn’t my only phobia, but it is my biggest! I am only my strongest when I welcome my weakness.

It ain’t like I’ve never lost before, but my only friends in this town are antidepressants and warm cans of Coors.

Feelings that are manifested~blurred lines~the only loyalties there are, are constantly being tested…

I live with a terrorist! Her name is O’drama bin Laden!

I was born in the killing fields, but I’ve lived all over this world. Thrust of independence and “Love” is my Achilles Heel…

This place though, this Disposable City! Nothing is real, everyone is raw, and my teeth I keep gritting!

It’s a land full of unrealistic expectations only to be explained by superficial explanations!

False facades everywhere I lookand she wonders why my face is always in this book! I couldn’t steal my own happiness even if I was still a crook…

But, I do what I do, go to bed, wake up, and take another look!

—>Repetitious Exhibitions!<—

Constant deadlines for nothing, really. False hopes and long dreams dangling from short ropes. My only wish is that I don’t become the product of mediocrity produced by this “Disposable City”!

Stay up. Stay Human!

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought


  1. Im rite in the middle someware caught inbetweem one force or another but stuck in the creves of i dont want this anymore or any less please help dear lord mary Joseph anyone hear my pain its blinded by the burden of goin insain my solemate blew out his brain left me here to take all the pain i want to bullets one for the left the other for the next in line cause its my time so dont feel so alone im goin to follow mine im a real ride or die bitch that mother fucker doesent know that ladies go first thats a fact ware im at eva may i in missouri


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