The Other Side of Happiness

I can taste anger, yet, I can still smell hope and it’s no surprise, with all the baggage I tote…so, I jump the fence of common sense

Everything has two side, up and down, left and right, north and south, and Happiness is no stranger to this.

The other side of happiness is for each and everyone out there to define for themselves. So, when they define it, they can confine it, and put it up on that shelf.

For me, the other side of happiness is just that! 180 degrees of separation. No wait, it’s the rotation, 180 degrees of rotation~ROTATED! Enjoy that ride to what I call the flip-side!

I’ma slow it down now, my vernacular flow see the other side-the opposites? It does or does not fit~it hurts but I just cannot quit!

If happiness had a color, mine would be a warm electric blue! How bout you?

If happiness is standing on top of a sheet of frozen ice, what’s the flip side here, or the other side of happiness? Is it being submerged, drowning in the icy cold waters while I look up through the ice at all the people engulfed in their happiness as they look down at me, wondering what my problem is and say”why can’t he just be happy”? as they walk off…

There is one side that remains to be seen. This is the in-between scene sitting in shades of green, standing on shades of yellow, but we know there is something more, something below, the deeper we go, tuntil we get there, The Other Side of Happiness…

Is happiness something that can be faked? Which side of happiness are you on if your smile is painted on? Are you not really just in the in-between, enclosed in an emotional purgatory?

–>The Other Side of Happiness<—

Remember this, when you are sitting there, smiling, what is underneath me? What is my other side of happiness???

How did I go about getting it, my happiness? Did I stael it from another, you know, their shine, only to call it mine and leave them their in the shadows of the other side? Or worse, in the emotional purgatory of the in-between? Sitting there, wondering what happened in them shades of green…

Stay up. Stay human too.

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnoubought

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