Scoundrels in the Dark

Saying goodbye to one of my personalities, but only after I’ve begged her to stay, please, please, please…

I guess it’s true, I guess I can finally see. I’ve done a bad bad thing!

I can’t blame him for leaving, I guess. Now he can go and be with all of the rest.

He did his best and I guess I could say he paid his dues, because with him, he took some of my blues. Well, what I could spare, what I could afford to lose.

The one that’s coming in after him, he’ll never fill his shoes….what the fuck am I gonna do?

—–>Scoundrels in the Dark<—–

I say to the one still hangin on, “hush now baby don’t you cry”. She’s been with me a while and I’m not sure why…

One by one, they run! But, I keep telling them that there’s room for more than one.

Sometimes though, there are too many faces for my feet to keep their paces.

I can only hope they love me too. But what’s a man to do, when they come back and I’m the same ole you. What if they’re different? Well, I say, there’s still room in my head, in my mind for rent!

—–>Scoundrels in the Dark<—–

Self actualization is so difficult when my personalities all wanna throw fisticuffs, when each one keeps saying, “enough is enough”.

The vast infinitude of time, my imagination, and my mind are their playground and I love to join them when no one else is around, in the park…

Playing, inside of the Witching Hour, with Scoundrels in the Dark!

Stay up. Stay human too.

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnot

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