Ramblings of an Addict at 3 AM, Again…

Dealing with some demons that I can’t get control of.

Eclectic thoughts explicitly thought. #builtnotbought and I will not be SOULD! All that shines ain’t gold and “if the horse won’t pull you gotta carry the load”.

Some of the things I’m living for are some of the same things I’m dying from and I spend way too much time wondering how come…

Not sure what it takes to win when them same mistakes I’m making again…

Statistics said I shouldn’t have made it. Well, watch as them same numbers, I’ma break it!

Proceed With Caution to avoid the brainwashing! And think while it’s still free!

I changed my perception; took a turn down the wrong road and it ended up being the right direction! Falling apart or coming together? Tryna fight these feelings is like tryna change the weather!

Even without drugs and alcohol, I still live my life in a fucked up haze most days…

People are talking to me but, I ain’t hearing nothing. Them voices in my head just keep on coming.


Fuck it! Whats another anti-depressant

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