Chasing Tides

There’s a point to this story so, I’m gonna go ahead and tell it again. Make sure you read it all the way to the end!

When I laid down, it was abnormal last night, for the Sand Man, I didn’t have to fight. He threw is dust as he knew, for me, sleep was a must!

It was what happened while I slept though, when I got into the bed. To go through it all over, was something I hoped I’d never have to go through again…

What I experienced felt so real, for, I never thought, my dreams are what my drug use could ever really steal…

This is when shit got real…

When I came too, there was blood on the floor and I remember thinking, “What did I do this for”?

I was in the back of a truck bed, I think it was a Ford, and I was just a few short breathes away from being DEAD!

I stumbled out of the truck bed, but I could hardly stand on my own two feet. As I staggered, I couldn’t help but recognize the name of the street.

I wiped the sweat from my brow with my blue bandanna and realized I was on 23rd and Broadway in Gary Indiana!

As I made my way to the side-view mirror, I saw that I had ghosts for eyes and the devil was in my ear…

My first instinct was to run as I reached for my gun, I remember thinking, once again, this ain’t gonna be fun!

I made my way over to the gas station as I had formulated a plan. I took the cash from his hand as I shot him in the head and turnt him into a shell of a man…

When I awoke, I was running as fast as I can straight to the dope man to give him all that I had…

Using dreams are real. REALLY FUCKING REAL! I still have them and when I wake up, I feel the same guilt I did from back when I was using. Sometimes, I have even felt high. Scary shit. Drugs will take everythinf from me, even my dreams…

Stay up. Stay human too

#inthegrip #whiteknuckles #builtnotbought

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